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What are citations?

A citation is information about a publication in the form of a reference list entry. Citations are used by scholars to provide readers with more information about a source, such as where it was published, when it was written, or what library owns it.

In the humanities, citations can be organized into bibliographies and footnotes. In scientific writing, the term "reference list" is more common.

If you are interested in desktop citation software, you might want to take a look below.

Citavi is a free and open-source reference management software, which runs on Windows and has versions for Linux, macOS and Android. It was created by a research group at the University of Hamburg.

Citavi allows you to manage your references and citations in a database-independent way. You can import references from many different sources (e.g., PDFs, BibTeX files, EndNote, Zotero). Citavi then allows you to edit these in a WYSIWYG editor before exporting them as formatted bibliographies in various formats (e.g., Word, RTF, LaTeX). Citavi can also export references directly into your word processor or LaTeX document.

Citation Manager is an application that helps you cite sources and create bibliographies quickly and easily. It saves you time by allowing you to use existing citations as models for new ones; automates formatting, punctuation, capitalization and other repetitive tasks; allows you to store citations in one place for easy access; and helps prevent errors in citation style by automatically checking for consistency between entries


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